Searching for some answers? Check out these most commonly asked questions we get asked from new advisors.

Am I the right fit to be a travel advisor?

Being a travel advisor can be a fulfilling and rewarding career for those who love to travel, pay attention to detail, and enjoy planning. Like every career, you'll have challenges you will need to overcome to succeed.
In our experience, successful travel advisors have time to dedicate to their clients, learn the trade, learn details about their preferred travel partners, and approach all interactions ethically. 
We want all future advisors to find the right home, even if that's not with Rainbow Getaways. One excellent resource for finding a home is Host Agency Reviews.

Why must I take the TRIPKIT before applying as a new advisor?

Being a travel advisor is more than booking client vacations and getting travel benefits. As you embark on this career, you are starting a small business. The Rainbow Getaways leadership team is committed to helping all our independent travel advisors be successful. Still, we have found that everyone needs a baseline of business fundamentals before we can start to discuss the finer points of being an advisor.  

To accomplish this, we have partnered with The Travel Institute to provide an $80 discount on the TRIPKIT, the industry-leading introduction course to becoming a travel advisor. We understand that the TRIPKIT is an investment, and not everyone can afford it right away; however, two key factors to success when starting a travel business are having the drive for education and the capital to cover business expenses.

When you are ready to take the course, complete this form to request your discount code.

Do I need to be branded under Rainbow Getaways?

 Yes and No. 

For advisors new to the industry, starting under the Rainbow Getaways brand lowers the barriers to entry and allows you to focus on learning and growing your traveler list. 

As you gain experience and revenue, you'll have the option to follow your dreams of building your own brand.

Tenured advisors are welcome to use their own brand on a website, email, and other traveler-facing documents. If you want to join as a self-branded advisor, let us know during your interview.

Who can apply?

 All Independent Travel Advisors of Rainbow Getaways must be US residents living in the United States (excluding California, Hawaii, and Washington). 

Will I be a W2 Employee or an Independent Contractor?

As an independent travel advisor with Rainbow Getaways, you will be a 1099-NEC Independent Contractor. This allows you to set your working hours, find your own clients, and discover which of our preferred suppliers you want to work with.

You will receive a 1099-NEC from Rainbow Getaways each January as an independent contract. This reports the commission you've received during the previous year to the IRS and will be used when you file your annual tax return. For further clarification on how a 1099-NEC may impact your taxes, please consult your CPA or other qualified individual.

What are the benefits of being a travel advisor? 

As an independent travel advisor, you will set your own schedule, work with your clients, and bring your passion for travel to every interaction. 

Once qualified, you'll have the opportunity to receive discounted hotel rooms for personal travel and opportunities to participate in FAM Trips.

What tools do I need to be a travel advisor? 

You'll supply your computer, cell phone, internet, and workspace. 

For advisors selling under the Rainbow Getaways Brand, your dues will cover the essential tools you need to be successful. You'll be added to our team's CRM, travel partner booking systems, Google Workspace, and other tools

Beyond the basics, the sky is the limit for what tools you can use to build a successful business.

What does it cost to join Rainbow Getaways?

A one-time set-up fee of $100 will be included in your first annual dues invoice for all independent travel advisors.

For Rainbow Getaways branded advisors, the annual dues are currently $450 and are due in one lump sum after signing your contract. For year two and beyond, we offer flexible payment options that allow you to pick a payment schedule that meets your overall budget.

Your annual dues include: 

Rainbow Getaways Google Workspace Account for email and other business software
Tern CRM Team Access
Legal forms from Travel Industry Solutions
A competitive commission split based on travel revenue
Access to Training Programs
Access to Rainbow Getaways Credentials & Booking tools
Plus additional tools

For experienced advisors selling under their own brand, dues will be dependent on the number of services needed.

*Annual dues are subject to change based on the current market rate of included tools*

Key Rainbow Getaways Tools

Rainbow Getaways has partnered with Travel Industry Solutions to provide industry-tailored, warrantied legal documents that enable you to mitigate risk and ensure compliance while working with your travelers.

As an inaugural member of the Tern Founding Flock, Rainbow Getaways has collaborated closely with the company to develop an exceptional CRM system tailored for the modern travel consultant. Tern seamlessly integrates traditional CRM functionalities with an elegant itinerary planner and cutting-edge AI capabilities, ensuring travelers enjoy a premier vacation planning experience.

What are the commission splits?

Your commission split is based on your traveled revenue from the previous year. As your annual traveled revenue grows, so will your commission split. 

Previous Year Traveled Revenue Commission Split
$0 to $49,999 70/30%
$50,000 to $149,999 75/25%
$150,000 to $399,999 80/20%
$400,000 - $599,999 85/20%
$600,000 and up 90/10%

If you're joining us as an experienced advisor, Rainbow Getaways will adjust your commission level based on your previous year's traveled revenue with your former host agency.

Are there any sales requirements?

We know it takes time to build up your client base and bookings when you are starting as a travel advisor. While there are no specific sales requirements to be a member of Rainbow Getaways, we do have tenure and production requirements before you are approved for your own IATAN or CLIA card.

Can I really make money as a travel advisor?

It takes time for travel advisors to be in the black after considering their annual expenses. According to the Host Agency Reviews 2023 Hosted Travel Advisor Report, the average income after the first year of experience is about $1,200. The average jumps to $9,800 in the second year and continues to grow with more time in the industry.

As a new small business owner, you should expect to invest in your business during the first few years. Access to available capital is vital to provide opportunities and reduce the stress that being in the red can cause. 

Beyond capital, one of the most substantial metrics for how much money you can make in this industry is the time you can dedicate to your profession. While you can do this as a part-time professional, you will want to make sure you have the freedom to invest time to grow your business. This means attending industry events, working with clients on their schedules, and answering emergency calls when they come in.

You'll need to find your leads and convert them to clients. As an independent travel advisor, having the time and money to invest in this can give you a leg up. Plus, being comfortable speaking to strangers about your business while networking is critical to success and building recognition within the industry.

How will I be paid?

We pay commissions twice a month via direct deposit. 

Commissions are paid after the client starts travel and once the commissions have cleared from the supplier into the agency's account.

Is there a background check?

Yes, because you'll have regular access to your client's personal and payment information, we conduct a background check before setting up your accounts.

Will I be able to use Rainbow Getaways branding?

Yes. You'll be invited to join the Canva Team, which will give you access to our templates, logos, colors, and more.

We will build you a profile page on www.rainbowgetaways.net to showcase your passion and reviews. You'll also be able to create your own social media pages and groups to inspire your clients' travel.

Will I need my own website? 

All members of the Rainbow Getaways team have a spot in the Meet The Team section on the About Us page. 

Beyond the About Us section, we will set you up with a starter page that you can share with your prospects to build credibility. As your revenue grows, you will want to consider expanding your online footprint with your own website. When the time comes, we have options for you to consider, or you can start from scratch and build up your own website.

Do I need Professional E&O Insurance? 

Rainbow Getaways has professional E&O insurance, which is carried over to our independent contractors selling under the Rainbow Getaways brand. 

After you sell $50k in booked revenue, we encourage our advisors to maintain their own E&O coverage on top of the RBG policy. Advisors who have sold at least $150k in booked revenue each year must carry their own E&O insurance. 

For advisors marketing travel under their own brand, you must have your own E&O policy before you start working with Rainbow Getaways.


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