Searching for some answers? Check out these most commonly asked questions we get asked from new advisors.

Am I the right fit to be a travel advisor?

For those that love to travel, have an attention to detail, and enjoy planning, being a travel advisor can be a fulfilling and rewarding career. Like every career, you'll have challenges you will need to overcome to succeed.

In our experience, successful travel advisors have time to dedicate to their clients, learn the trade, learn details about their preferred travel partners, and approach all interactions ethically. 

Will I be a W2 Employee or a contractor of Rainbow Getaways?

As a travel advisor for Rainbow Getaways, you will be a 1099-NEC Independent Contractor. This allows you the freedom to set your working hours, find your own clients, and discover which registered suppliers you want to work with.

As an independent contractor, in January of each year, you will receive a 1099-NEC from Rainbow Getaways reporting the commissions you've received in the prior year. You will be responsible for reporting this on your income tax return. For further clarification on how a 1099-NEC may impact your taxes, please reach out to your CPA or other qualified individuals. 

What are the benefits of being a travel advisor?

Once qualified, you'll have the opportunity to receive discounted hotel rooms for personal travel, opportunities to participate in FAM Trips from travel suppliers, and more. 

What are the commission splits with Rainbow Getaways?

Commission splits begin at 70/30%, and the highest earners can earn their way to 90/10%.

In a 12-month calendar year: 

Up to $100k in traveled revenue - 70/30%
$100k - $250k in traveled revenue - 75/30%
$250k - $400k in traveled revenue - 80/30%
$400k - $600k in traveled revenue - 85/30%
$600k+ - 90/30%

Once you've reached the next tier, you'll stay with it for the next calendar year.

For example, if you have $105k in traveled revenue by July, you'll earn 75% of the commission from August of the current year until December of the following year. To maintain that level, you'll need at least $100k in traveled revenue the following year and beyond.

What does it cost to join Rainbow Getaways?

There is a one-time new advisor set-up fee of $100 that will be included in your first annual dues invoice. 

Annual dues of $400 are due by January 1st of each year. These dues will be prorated for the first calendar year you join Rainbow Getaways. 

Your annual dues include TravelJoy CRM access, Zoom Phone, and your Rainbow Getaways Google Workspace account. If you would like to upgrade to full Zoom One with access to video meetings, please let us know before signing your contract.

What tools do I need to be a travel advisor?

Rainbow Getaways will supply the basics to ensure you're set up to be successful. You'll be added to our TravelJoy team, Zoom team, travel partner booking systems, and Google Workspace for email, Gdrive, and Google Docs. 

Beyond the basics, the sky is the limit for what tools you can use to build a successful business. Once you get started, you'll find a list of recommended tools that have been tried and tested. 

Are there any sales requirements to be with Rainbow Getaways?

We know that when you're getting started as a travel advisor it takes time to build up your client base and bookings. There are no sales requirements in the first calendar year you sign up with Rainbow Getaways. After that, each calendar year, there is a $50k minimum sales revenue to be renewed the following year. 

How will I be paid?

We pay commissions twice a month via direct deposit. 

Commissions are paid after the client has started travel and once the commissions have cleared from the supplier into Rainbow Getaways account.

Is there a background and/or a credit check?

Short answer: yes. Because you'll have regular access to your client's personal and payment information, we conduct a basic background and credit check before setting up your accounts. 

What kind of expenses should I expect as a travel advisor?

Beyond the one-time set-up fee and your annual dues, how much you spend on your travel business is up to you. 

Some advisors spend thousands of dollars on marketing and other tools, while others spend just a few hundred. 

While running a travel business, it's not always how much you spend but how much time and effort you put into cultivating relationships with your clients.

Will I be able to use Rainbow Getaways branding?

Yes, you will. You'll be invited to the Canva Team, giving you access to our templates, logos, colors, and more.

We will build a landing page on www.rainbowgetaways.net to show off your passion and reviews. Plus, you'll be able to create your own social media pages and groups to inspire your clients to travel. 

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